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Re: where is inetd.conf?

From: Jesús M. NAVARRO
Subject: Re: where is inetd.conf?
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 18:00:10 +0100
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Hi, Gianni:

Gianni Mariani wrote:

it uses xinetd

No, it don't.

You'll need the file:

Joseph G. Mercado wrote:

Hi i need help

i cant find my inetd.conf on my linux box 6.2 tried to used find command
but no result. will it be okay if i copy the inetd.conf from another linux
6.2?Is there an impact to this?I cant start my cvsdeamon?Help

From this I *guess* he's using *Red Hat* 6.2, which uses inetd (xinetd was added at RH7.0). And, yes, it's OK if you copy inetd.conf from another computer (at least OK in the sense it won't harm you, while probably not enough for you to run you cvsdeamon).
Anyway, it's nothing but a guess.
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