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Re: where is inetd.conf?

From: Gianni Mariani
Subject: Re: where is inetd.conf?
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 19:58:46 -0800
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it uses xinetd

You'll need the file:

make sure /etc/services contains:
cvspserver    2401/tcp            # CVS client/server operations

------- somthing like this ---------------------
# default: on
# description: The cvspserver provides support for cvs network connections \
#    unencrypted username/password pairs for authentication.
service cvspserver
   flags        = REUSE
socket_type = stream wait = no
   user        = root
   passenv        = PATH
   server        = /usr/bin/cvs
   server_args    = -f --allow-root=/cvssrc/main/cvsroot pserver

   log_on_failure    += USERID

Joseph G. Mercado wrote:

Hi i need help

i cant find my inetd.conf on my linux box 6.2 tried to used find command
but no result. will it be okay if i copy the inetd.conf from another linux
6.2?Is there an impact to this?I cant start my cvsdeamon?Help

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