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added (readded) Files Stuck in the Attic

From: Ben Leighton
Subject: added (readded) Files Stuck in the Attic
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 18:28:48 +1100


    Recently some files in our repository were deleted then sucessfully
readded. To my suprise the RCS files (associated with the ressurected
files) in the repository remained in the Attic directory. Initally this
caused no problems. We found that we were able to commit and update.
However some users are not able to checkout or update ressurected files.

This may only occur when the have no working copy of the file to begin
with. I would expect CVS to realise that the file is absent but that a
valid repository version exists and get a new working copy of the file.
Instead it does nothing.

    We are able to over come this problem by specifically refering the
the file during an update.

cvs update filename.file

however this is very inconvient as we have to execute this command for
all files in the repository.
At this stage Im hestitant to move files out of the Attic and into the
original (parent) directory as Im not sure of the impact on file
histories and existing working (sandbox) directories


:) Ben

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