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did you get the latest news?

From: nasty992
Subject: did you get the latest news?
Date: 24 Mar 2002 16:58:11 -0000

You know what they say about chubby girls, fun to ride but don't let your friends see you on one.
Well know is the time to find out how hard up for cock this chics are, they are willing to do ANYTHING
to please you to get some dick!

There is nothing sexier then burring your cock into the rolls of a chubby chick. These girls
are large, wet, and dying for some dick sucking fun.

Watch these fat bitches take it hard and fast in their tighy asses, and shove their fists in their
pussies at the same time!

Don't break a poor skinny girl's bones when you fuck 'em, go chubby and be as rough as you want!


Is this girl your Destiny?

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