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Re: Deleted files come back to haunt us

From: Stewart Brodie
Subject: Re: Deleted files come back to haunt us
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 09:34:47 GMT
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In message <address@hidden>
          address@hidden (Eric Siegerman) wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 12, 2002 at 07:14:07PM +0000, Andre Majorel wrote:
> > Our setup is the following ; every time we make a new release,
> > we tag HEAD with a new unique tag (such as "v4_3_19") and then
> > we tag v4_3_19 with "unstable", so that "unstable" always points
> > to the latest release.
> > 
> > The actual commands used :
> > 
> >   cvs -q rtag -F v4_3_19 ourmodule
> >   cvs -q rtag -r v4_3_19 -F unstable ourmodule
> There's nothing here to remove the "unstable" tag from the
> deleted files.
> Try adding a "-a" to the second rtag command:
>       cvs -q rtag -r v4_3_19 -Fa unstable ourmodule
> I've never used this, but its help description suggests that it
> might be just the ticket:
>       -a      Clear tag from removed files that would not
>               otherwise be tagged.

We do a similar thing - tagging a specific version of a component with a tag
such as <projectid>_stable.  The command I use to tag a component is:

cvs -fQq $compression $repos rtag -a -f -F -r $version $stabletag $path

$compression is the -z option from the user's .cvsrc
$repos is the -d option to set the repository
$version is the symbolic tag to associate the stable tag with
$stabletag is new tag
$path is the path in the repository.

No other combination of options worked satisfactorily in our experience.

Stewart Brodie, Senior Software Engineer
Pace Micro Technology PLC
645 Newmarket Road
Cambridge, CB5 8PB, United Kingdom         WWW:

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