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Deleted files come back to haunt us

From: Andre Majorel
Subject: Deleted files come back to haunt us
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 19:14:07 +0000 (UTC)
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Hello folks.

Our CVS has been acting strange lately. Files that have been
successfully deleted from the tree still appear when using a
certain tag.

Our setup is the following ; every time we make a new release,
we tag HEAD with a new unique tag (such as "v4_3_19") and then
we tag v4_3_19 with "unstable", so that "unstable" always points
to the latest release.

The actual commands used :

  cvs -q rtag -F v4_3_19 ourmodule
  cvs -q rtag -r v4_3_19 -F unstable ourmodule
What we get :

  cvs checkout ourmodule                # OK
  cvs checkout -r v4_3_19 ourmodule     # OK
  cvs checkout -r unstable ourmodule    # Checks out the deleted files !

Looking in our CVS tree, I've noticed that some deleted files
are both in somedir/Attic and in somedir/CVS/fileattr. Is this
normal ? Could this be the cause ?

Andr茅 Majorel <URL:>
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