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commit error: you are unknown to this system

From: Mirco Bova
Subject: commit error: you are unknown to this system
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 19:03:22 +0100

Hi all,

We've started using a CVS pserver on monday in our organization and we are
facing some problems.

We can do checkouts and import but when the time to commit comes problems

In the beginning I connected as root and got the "you cannot commit as root"
error... good... I found out CVS doesn't allow root to commit and this
feature is hard coded... Since we do not intend to rebuild cvs we went on
setting up access for other users.

we have set up the passwd file under cvsroot using aliases. eg mirco maps to
mirco.bova which is a system user.

as Mirco I can do checkouts mark file for editing and so on but when I try
to commit I always get the following error:

cvs commit -m test VAR.H (in directory C:\ciccio\prova\H\)
cvs [server aborted]: you are unknown to this system

Can anyone help? I tried looking at the list archive but up now I found
nothing similiar.



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