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failed to move file out of the attic: Permission denied

From: jazzvale
Subject: failed to move file out of the attic: Permission denied
Date: 7 Mar 2002 07:05:42 -0800

I got the error:
        failed to move `D:/CVSReps/ ... /xxx,v' out of the attic: Permission

when I try to "resurrect" a file previously deleted. I've read that it
has been a big bug of cvs but has been already solved...
The user has full permission on all the directories on the

The server is the last version running on Windows 2000 (CVSNT
rc2 (Build 55)), but i got this problem with version
41) too

Can someone help me?


Valerio Bottari

PS:Here is the socket comunication i make:

07/mar/2002 11:30:31.931 [main] - C: BEGIN AUTH REQUEST 
07/mar/2002 11:30:31.931 [main] - C: /uno 
07/mar/2002 11:30:31.941 [main] - C: admin 
07/mar/2002 11:30:31.941 [main] - C: Aye%?= 
07/mar/2002 11:30:31.941 [main] - C: END AUTH REQUEST 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.425 [main] - S: I LOVE YOU 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.435 [main] - C: Root /uno 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.435 [main] - C: Valid-responses E M ok error
Valid-requests Created Merged Updated Update-existing Removed
Remove-entry New-entry Checked-in Checksum Copy-file Notified
Clear-sticky Set-sticky Clear-static-directory Set-static-directory
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.445 [main] - C: UseUnchanged 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.445 [main] - C: Argument -m 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.445 [main] - C: Argument pvs commit 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.445 [main] - C: Directory . 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.455 [main] - C: /uno/mod1/Sanremo/Giovani 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.455 [main] - C: Entry /alexia.jpg/0/// 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.455 [main] - C: Modified alexia.jpg 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.465 [main] - C: u=rw,g=r,o=r 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.465 [main] - C: 6436 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.465 [main] - C: Sending data... 6436 bytes 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.465 [main] - C: 6436 bytes successfully sent 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.475 [main] - C: Argument alexia.jpg 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.475 [main] - C: ci 
07/mar/2002 11:30:34.915 [main] - S: E cvs server: failed to move
`D:/CVSReps/uno/mod1/Sanremo/Giovani/Attic/alexia.jpg,v' out of the
attic: Permission denied
07/mar/2002 11:30:35.016 [main] - S: error

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