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Re: Request for Help: Bulk adding new files to a branch

From: Rob Helmer
Subject: Re: Request for Help: Bulk adding new files to a branch
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 19:59:33 -0800
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On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 04:54:53PM -0800, Terry Spafford wrote:
> 1. Create a branch with the name I want off of the Trunk filled with the 
> current code.
> 2. Check out that new branch.
> 3. Clear out the current code from that branch, leaving the CVS directories.
> 4. Copy over the old code that we wanted.
> 5. Go throuhg and do a CVS Remove for any files that were in the Trunk 
> but not the branch. (TEDIOUS!)
> 6. Do a CVS add for any files in the branch but not in the Trunk (also 
> Tedious)
> 7. Commit all the files under the new branchname, making sure that no 
> merging is done.

Well, it's only tedious if you do all the work yourself, why
not let the computer handle it?

Assuming you haven't created directories named CVS ( which you
shouldn't, CVS won't work ) or any files with the word CVS in them, why not :

cvs tag -b branch_name
cvs update -r branch_name
cvs rm -f `find ./ | grep -v "CVS"`
cvs commit -m "cleaning up branch"
cp -rp /newfiles/* .
cvs add `find ./ | grep -v "CVS"`
cvs commit -m "populating branch for customer"

Anyone see problems with this? 
If you do have files with the string CVS in them, you can
be creative with a regex to grep.

I was curious to see if this would work, so I did it in
a test repo/module I keep around, works for me :)

Rob Helmer

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