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Re: Strange CVS error- Pls help

From: Rob Helmer
Subject: Re: Strange CVS error- Pls help
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 19:35:27 -0800
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On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 04:15:59PM -0800, Paddy T wrote:
> Hi
> I have set up cvs client on my win 98 machine.Server
> is unix machine.
> When I try to commit or add, I get the error"cannot
> send authentication info to rshd:Socket not
> connected". The error occurance is inconsistant;it
> works sometimes,sometimes it doesn't.
> I checked my .rhosts file,CVSROOT and CVS_SERVER
> variables.Everything is fine.What kind of error could
> this be?I have a feeling this might not be a cvs
> error.If so can someone tell me how to solve this.
> Is it necessary for rsh to be installed in my local
> machine for cvs to work?Since I can commit sometimes,I
> assumed it is not.

Yes, you need an RSH client on your local machine, or
the CVS client will not be able to connect to the CVS server.

You should look into setting up SSH instead of RSH, too.
Here's some info on doing that in windows ( I've had to set
this up for people before, so I know it does work on w98 ) :

Some of this info is a little dated; for instance, SSHv2 had
a bug for a while that prevented it from working reliably
w/ CVS, but it has been fixed in more recent versions.

The basic idea is: get an SSH client installed, generate
private/public keys with no passphrase, install the private
key on your machine and the public key on the CVS server.

It's pretty easy and secure, I know think it's easier than
bothering w/ RSH at all.

Feel free to email me privately if you have problems with
the SSH stuff, it's a bit off-topic for this list I think.

Rob Helmer

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