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Re: Help needed with GSSAPI and CVS

From: Jonah Tsai
Subject: Re: Help needed with GSSAPI and CVS
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 12:53:58 -0500

On Friday, March 1, 2002, at 04:42  AM, Brad Kroeger wrote:

I set up inetd.conf to startup cvs as a pserver (I tried it as a gserver
and had problems which I reported earlier.)  My CVSROOT is defined as

I do a kinit and a "cvs checkout CVSROOT" and get the following error

cvs [checkout aborted]: error from server cvs [pserver
aborted]: could not acquire GSSAPI server credentials

Could someone help with this.  I've seen this error reported on this
list before but can not find a solution.

Sounds like you did not create a cvs@<cvs server FQDN> service principal and export that service key to the CVS server's krb5.keytab.

After you get the error, do a klist and see if you get tickets of cvs/<FQDN>@<REALM>. You should have this ticket if you have setup the service key correctly, even when the GSSAPI authentication failed.

If you are still in doubt, search CVSNT's mailing archive, there is a mail describing on how to set this up. If you can't find it, let me know, I still have it in my "Sent" box.

Jonah Tsai

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