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RE: merge issue

From: Schwenk, Jeanie
Subject: RE: merge issue
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 16:33:17 -0800

I have read and reread the documentation.  I must be missing something.
Even when he follows my directions, the merge is not what he expects.  He
does not want to ask the list for help because (and this is a quote) "it is
like asking for directions".   
                 +---------+    +---------+    
Branch 1.8   -> _! !----! !
               / +---------+    +---------+   
+-----+    +-----+    +-----+    +-----+     +------+
! 1.7 !----! 1.8 !----! 1.9 !----! 1.10 !----! 1.11 !  <- trunk
+-----+    +-----+    +-----+    +-----+     +------+

He wants to merge the changes from into 1.11. 

I thought the following two steps would work to merge the changes from the
branch into the main trunk.  All files from the branch are committed to the
branch.  And all files in the trunk have been committed.  There are no
uncommitted changes in any of the files.  

So here's what I told him:

cvs update -C 
   (he should have 1.11 in his working directory, did cvs status to confirm)
cvs update -kk -j  

He says no.  The file is only being overwritten.  And that the merge is only
taking place between 1.8 and

Have I missed completely some crucial piece of documentation?  What's wrong?



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