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Please help me arrange my development environment

From: Preston Crawford
Subject: Please help me arrange my development environment
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 00:29:41 GMT
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My company is switching to iPlanet web servers and I've been trying (as 
indicated by other posts) to put together a relatively inexpensive 
development environment including source control for JSP/Java web 

I'm trying to decide how I should setup my development web server. The 
model I've seen used so far with CVS is to setup a local web server 
(Tomcat, JRun, etc.) and to use CVS to download source into the local 
directories, develop, and then check in the code when done.

The model I'm used to working in (using Visual Interdev/ASP/Visual Source 
Safe) is one where you do development using FrontPage Server extensions 
against a remote server AND source store. So what I'm struggling with is 
how exactly CVS can and should be used in devising my environment here. 

Given what I've said earlier about my understanding of how you use CVS, 
especially for web development, is there any reason to believe I should be 
using it in a manner *similar* to how I'm used to working, with a single 
development web server and workstations working against that machine?

I'm just making sure before I finally decide. It seems to me that the way 
CVS operates (non-locking) and given that we don't have something like 
FP Server Extensions to integrate source control with the development 
web server, making both accessible to the IDE, that it's best to work with 
separate light java web servers running locally and the CVS code being 
checked out into local directories.

I hope that made sense. If it didn't I'll trying to clarify, but either 
way I'd appreciate some help so I can get my development environment 
nailed down.


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