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Re: Please help me arrange my development environment

From: Preston Crawford
Subject: Re: Please help me arrange my development environment
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 05:11:44 GMT
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On Tue, 15 Jan 2002 17:38:49 -0800, Chris Smith wrote:

> Depends on how you're planning on using CVS.  If the goal of your source
> control is to make it possible for multiple people to work
> simultaneously on different modifications to the source, then using a
> single development server for testing rather defeats those gains.  If,
> on the other hand, you only have one or a very few developers who
> communicate intensely outside of the source control, your more familiar
> model could be workable and could keep down installation maintenance
> headaches.

The way I plan on using it in the short term is for me to develop and to
keep track of my source so I can version, rollback, etc. I will be the
only developer. But we're bringing at least one person on shortly and
maybe more in the future, so what I'm trying to do in part is get a feel
for how it's done in the Java world and the CVS world, by and large.
Because, as I stated, the absence of something like FrontPage Server
Extensions seems to prevent the creation of an environment where there is
a centralized development server like this. The only way you could
seemingly do that with CVS would be to ssh into the server and CVS down.
And even in that situation it seems to me like you'd be talking multiple
instances or  hosts on the web server.

> You will, of course, want a separate system for integration testing on
> any project of reasonably large size.  This would be separate from any
> of the developers' machines, and would be used for regression testing to
> be sure that multiple developers don't make changes that logically
> conflict (which is still quite possible with any source control system).
> Chris Smith

Thanks for the advice. So how is it done out there, then? It sounds like
local development on a local web server, pitching your source up to a
central CVS repository is the way to go. I think in a way I might confuse
things by bringing up CVS, when the real issue has to do with distributed
web development in a world where a system like FrontPage (keeping aware
that there are MANY problems with FPSE obviouslY) Server Extensions,
Interdev and SourceSafe aren't as usable.


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