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Re: Multiple CVS and same files

From: Harald Kucharek
Subject: Re: Multiple CVS and same files
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 09:58:21 +0200

Erik Mattsson wrote:
> HI
> Im wondering if it is possible for different CVS's to share some files ?
> Im in a project that has two CVS, because they are mainly two
> different projects. But in these two projects we do have some
> common files that are used in both projects, and it would be nice
> if those files just could be one instance.
> The problem now is when we update a file in a CVS we must
> also edit the other file in the other CVS to update so the file
> looks the same. This can be tedious and very errorprone so it
> would nice to share the same file in the two CVS's, and just update
> one instance of it, and both CVS would have the new file.
> If you still dont get it :
> Imagine the following layout of a CVS:
> cvsA/xml
> cvsA/applecode
> cvsB/xml
> cvsB/orangecode
> the */xml contains the same files but are needed in both projects. Is
> it possible to update the cvsA/xml so the cvsB/xml also gets updated ?
> Any ideas or suggestions ?
> //Erik

Well, I guess life wouldn't be the same after working with two repositories 
share some directories...
You should use one repository and modules to achieve what you want.


PS: If I'm not mistaken, except for race conditions etc it should be possible to
    do what you asked for, because the ,v files in the repo don't contain 
    about which repo they are in. But you are always in danger two people are 
    the same file in what looks like to be two different files in different 

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