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Re: Multiple CVS and same files

From: Erik Mattsson
Subject: Re: Multiple CVS and same files
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 08:44:27 +0200

Well I found a solution, it is possible to use symlinks (unix)
when creating files and directories in other directories.
It is both possible to symlink the directories and files and
committing works lika a charm now :)

So I ended up with a layout such this one

cvB/xml -> cvsA/xml

Thanks for all the good answers


> HI
> Im wondering if it is possible for different CVS's to share some files ?
> Im in a project that has two CVS, because they are mainly two
> different projects. But in these two projects we do have some
> common files that are used in both projects, and it would be nice
> if those files just could be one instance.
> The problem now is when we update a file in a CVS we must
> also edit the other file in the other CVS to update so the file
> looks the same. This can be tedious and very errorprone so it
> would nice to share the same file in the two CVS's, and just update
> one instance of it, and both CVS would have the new file.
> If you still dont get it :
> Imagine the following layout of a CVS:
> cvsA/xml
> cvsA/applecode
> cvsB/xml
> cvsB/orangecode
> the */xml contains the same files but are needed in both projects. Is
> it possible to update the cvsA/xml so the cvsB/xml also gets updated ?
> Any ideas or suggestions ?
> //Erik
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