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Re: CVS/RCS notion of "state"

From: cmedcoff
Subject: Re: CVS/RCS notion of "state"
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 16:48:32 -0400

> You should be able to mimic this using tags though.  Tag releases with
> one tag, keep experimental versions on a branch or vice versa.  Read the
> sections of the manual on on tags and branches and if

Gosh this seems overkill for such a "seemingly" simple feature.  I don't
understand why the CVS developer community would want/need this feature for
incremental development.

> you don't have the idea yet, Karl Fogel's book has some good
> explanations of this and other typical release management processes
> using CVS.

I've got Fogel's Open Source version of the book.  Is there something in the
tree-ware version that addresses this that the open source version doesn't.

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