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CVS/RCS notion of "state"

From: cmedcoff
Subject: CVS/RCS notion of "state"
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 15:45:42 -0400

It is my understanding that CVS supports the RCS notion of "state".  In other words a developer can mark a source file as being in a particular state such as "Exp(erimental)" or "Rel(eased)".  This is done using the following command.
cvs admin -sRel myfile.txt.
My question is how can one then checkout files by state rather than by revision or tag.  For example I might have 10 differnet revs of a file 5 experimental 1 release and 4 more revs experimental.  Suppose I want to checkout only the "Released" revision; for multiple files yet.
cvs checkout -(some command here)"Rel" myfile.txt  // or
cvs checkout -(some command here)"Rel" *.txt

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