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From: amit madhok
Subject: CVS
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 11:15:13 -0000

I have never used CVS before. i would like you to provide
me information on the issues

What is the difference between CVS and CVSNT.(apart from that for NT u
need to have nt as  server)
To run CVS what is the server requirement and client requirement??

What are open soureprojects (like Mozilla, the GIMP, XEmacs, KDE)?
What is the best Platform to use CVS(Linux,NT,Unix,Windows95/98/2000)
with it merits over other platforms

Its client-server access method lets developers access the latest code from anywhere there's an Internet connection(information published in the site) does it mean it has a web based interface?? what is the
browser required for it

I would like to know how is it possible What are the H/W software Requts

a)Can the entire sourcecode be uploaded on the web(centrally located)
b) is it practically feasible( what are it main merits/demerits)
c) if our overseases client were to make some changes in the sourececode
how would i come to know ?. the file may have been checked out but i may
not be aware of it and after making changes he checks in the file.
if i were to view the repository(where my sourcecode is there)
can i come to know.
d) is this better than Visual Sourcesafe(hosting on the net)
e) how secure it is. What r the risks involved in it

i request you to please provide me with the relevant information
as i have to give a report to my boss.
thanking You

Amit Madhok
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