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From: Federico Montesino Pouzols
Subject: Re: CVS
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 13:42:10 +0200

On Tue, May 29, 2001 at 11:15:13AM -0000, amit madhok wrote:
> sir,
> I have never used CVS before. i would like you to provide
> me information on the issues

        These are sites with many cvs resources:  

        There you will find a complete cvs manual as well as many
other resources.

> What is the difference between CVS and CVSNT.(apart from that for NT u
> need to have nt as  server)
        As far as I know, *nix is the preferred development platform
for CVS, so NT port tends to be a bit outdated.

> To run CVS what is the server requirement and client requirement??

        The server box must run the cvs server daemon (in *nix,
standalone or through inetd) as well as provide the neccesary disk
storage. The cvs client only needs to access the server using cvs as
client; there are both command line and GUI interfaces for that, look

> What are open soureprojects (like Mozilla, the GIMP, XEmacs, KDE)?

        As far as cvs is concerned, these projects are developed by
many persons all around the world using cvs to merge their jointly
developed source. If you do not know what opensource development is,
read through these pages:

        * (be careful about opensource -- free software distinction)
        * (The main opensource development center, there 
yoy will find a lot of projects developed with cvs)

        Strictly speaking cvs itself is _free software_ which is not
the same as open source.

> What is the best Platform to use CVS(Linux,NT,Unix,Windows95/98/2000)
> with it merits over other platforms
        As far as I know, from the Windoze serie, there is only a cvs
server port for WinNT; nevertheless, any windows can be a cvs
client. In general, most people find *nix (notably extended free
variant are FreeBSD and Linux) much more reliable and efficient.

> Its client-server access method lets developers access the latest code from 
> anywhere there's an Internet connection(information published in the site) 
> does it mean it has a web based interface?? what is the
> browser required for it

        Yes, its name is cvsweb, and it comes with general Linux
        The browser requirement is not a problem, I think you can
browse cvsweb with almost any browser (graphical or textual one).

> I would like to know how is it possible What are the H/W software Requts
> a)Can the entire sourcecode be uploaded on the web(centrally located)

        Yes, you only need a server running cvs server, cvsweb and a
secure hard disk storage.

> b) is it practically feasible( what are it main merits/demerits)

        When you begin to use it, you will realize how incredibly
cheap and useful cvs is.

> c) if our overseases client were to make some changes in the sourececode
> how would i come to know ?. the file may have been checked out but i may
> not be aware of it and after making changes he checks in the file.
> if i were to view the repository(where my sourcecode is there)
> can i come to know.

        There are many ways of contolling or monitoring the cvs
repository activity, for example, you can make it send you (the
administrator) a mail each time someone makes.

> d) is this better than Visual Sourcesafe(hosting on the net)

        Some advantages for your boss:
                cvs is free 
                cvs has been used for many years
                cvs is much more extended that Visual Ss
                You can freely ask questions to this list. Would M$ answer you
for free? 
                You can easily adapt cvs for your needs, or even modify its
sources (cvs is free software)

> e) how secure it is. What r the risks involved in it

        Look at, for instance, there are plenty of
important projects being developed with cvs, surfing the web you can 
collect a list of these project in order to convince your boss.

> i request you to please provide me with the relevant information
> as i have to give a report to my boss.
> thanking You
> Regards
> Amit Madhok
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