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CVS import & vendor tags

From: bruce . schultz
Subject: CVS import & vendor tags
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 17:09:45 +0100 (BST)


Is any good reason why using cvs import for a new module requires the vendor
and release tags?  This adds all of the files in the module at both revision
1.1 and, where branch 1.1.1 is the vendor branch.  I can see why this
feature is useful if the software is supplied by a vendor, but my files are
purely the initial versions and so I have no need for the vendor branch.  Is
there some way that I can use cvs import to create a module with all the files
at revision 1.1, i.e. without the vendor branch?

I am able to do the equivalent by creating an empty module in the repository
and using cvs add & commit to add files, so they are created at revision 1.1
only. But this is much more cumbersome when there are subdirectories in the

I was expecting that if I entered a cvs import command without vendor/release
tags, cvs would create the module without a vendor branch.... obviously this is
not the case.

Is there any other way to create a new module that I might have missed?


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