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Gotta cvs admin files (CVSROOT) question...

From: Luna, Glen
Subject: Gotta cvs admin files (CVSROOT) question...
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 12:03:59 -0400

My question centers around the val-tags and history files in the CVSROOT

Leading up to the question.....

We have code in two cvs repositories on two separate unix machines:

The alpha:/data/cvs repository has a root - bubba - we want to move to the
beta machine.
The beta:/data/cvs repository does not have a bubba root.

Within bubba there are several directories, some of which will remain behind
on the
alpha machine. For example,

alpha:/data/cvs/bubba/dir_X   (will remain with alpha)
alpha:/data/cvs/bubba/dir_Y   (will remain with alpha)

What we did was that we tar'd a copy of alpha's entire repository to a
holding area on the beta machine.
We then copied the bubba root (minus the dir_X and dir_Y directories) from
the holding area to the
beta:/data/cvs and renamed it dubya. So now we have,


Of course both repositories have a CVSROOT directory and each has a
"history" and a "val-tags" file.

On the beta machine (which is what we care about....the alpha machine holds
code belonging
a vendor....COTS to us), is it a simple matter to merge the contents of
these two files from
the two repositories? The merged files will be housed on the beta machine.
The vendor will most
likely remove our code from his repository.

We want to retain history for our code that was under the bubba regime. We
do use tags. 
CVS 1.9 is what we use (due to bureaucracy we haven't gotten around to
upgrading yet).

We've done some simple testing (cvs log filename .... cvs history filename)
but have yet to
perform more extensive testing (spanning back several tagged versions).

I hoping it's a simple manner of just merging these two admin files.


Glen Luna

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