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move away <file>, it is in the way

From: Nils Holland
Subject: move away <file>, it is in the way
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 21:34:27 +0200

Hi folks,

I have some strange problem, and I have heard reports of other users also 
getting it every now and then. Here's what happens:

I keep the sources of the K Desktop Environment on my Linux box under 
/usr/src/kde-cvs. Now, under that directory, I have done something like "cvs 
co koffice", which resulted in creating and filling up the directory 

The problems starts when I want to update my sources. Again, I cd to 
/usr/src/kde-cvs and this time I do a "cvs up koffice". Then I get the 
following message for *each file* in the sources:

>address@hidden:/usr/src/kde-cvs > cvs up koffice
> cvs update: move away koffice/.cvsignore; it is in the way
> C koffice/.cvsignore
> cvs update: move away koffice/AUTHORS; it is in the way
> C koffice/AUTHORS
> cvs update: move away koffice/COPYING; it is in the way
> C koffice/COPYING
> cvs update: move away koffice/COPYING.LIB; it is in the way
> C koffice/COPYING.LIB

Someone suggested that I re-checkout the sources as described above. Then, I 
should cd directly to /usr/src/kde-cvs/koffice and do a "cvs upd" there. This 
has worked - the above error message did not appear, and some files were 
properly updated. Still, I couldn't find any information about this "move 
away..." error message. If anyone on this mailing list can explain it to me 
and tell me why it initially occured and what I can do to prevent it from 
occuring again, I'd be very happy.


Nils Holland - address@hidden
NightCastle Productions - Linux in Tiddische, Germany
"They asked me where this earthquake would begin,
 I offered to let them feel my pulse."

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