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Re: handling of MsWord-Documents in CVS ?

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: handling of MsWord-Documents in CVS ?
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 09:32:15 -0500

Patrick Lynch wrote:
> Good morning,
> I've been reading the traffic in regard to placing Word documents under
> WinCvs and CVS and I'm getting concerned.
> Bottom line: with this 'scenario', will WinCvs support Microsoft Word
> documents stored as 'binaries'?
> Thank you,
> Pat
I don't use WinCvs at all, but CVS has not had any problems for us with
controlling the word files we keep in it as binaries (which is what they are).

I don't think even branching has much to do with it, other than when it comes
time to merge two branches with changes you have to do doc file merges with
word by hand instead of using CVS to do it automatically.

as long as you only have one person doing a write operations on a particular
document you should not end up with problems.

I would suggest doing a 'cvs watch on word.doc' for each doc so that they come
out read only and the 'cvs edit ' and 'cvs editors' works.

If I have any GCEs above please correct them to the list, we don't actually
use the 'watch on' because there is only one person who ever edits the word
docs (lucky us).

Todd Denniston, Code 6067, NSWC Crane mailto:address@hidden
I'd crawl over an acre of 'Visual This++' and 'Integrated Development
That' to get to gcc, Emacs, and gdb.  Thank you.
        -- Vance Petree, Virginia Power

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