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RE: handling of MsWord-Documents in CVS ?

From: Echlin, Michael
Subject: RE: handling of MsWord-Documents in CVS ?
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 09:16:31 -0400

The problem with binaries (and word files are binaries, saving as rtf is not
an option if you use any macros or advanced features at all) is that CVS
does not know how to diff them so each check in doubles the size of the file
(especially when people have tracking turned on)

Your options are 1: use cvs and after each checkin take a large hit in
performance (the larger the file the longer it takes to check in or out)
2: Use the tracking option within m$word and make sure you have saved the
file to a server that is backed up nightly (but tracking also saves each
edit to the file and so also causes performance problems, not only within
word but across the network to the backed up drive..)
3: make changes to cvs as to how the files are stored and implement archive
by reference as done in MKSSI.
4: use MKSSI (costly, $300+ at least.)
5: Switch to a non binary format word processor (tex comes to mind.)
6: hack cvs so that it uuencodes and decodes binary files on checkin and
checkout. (This could be done in the client possibly, but would be more
generic if in the server.)

I'd help do this but you know how it goes.


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From: Ferdinand Schaefer [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: May 16, 2001 3:46 PM
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Subject: handling of MsWord-Documents in CVS ?


I'm looking for information, experiences on
handling of MsWord-Documents in CVS ?

In my opinion Msword Documents need to be
treated as binary files.

Every hints in this context are well appreciated.


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