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CVSup problem

From: Kim Kuylen
Subject: CVSup problem
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 17:48:14 +0200

Hello All,

Excuse me if I am in the wrong mailing-list, but I hope that someone can give 
me a hint :)

In our company we use CVS 1.10 on linux redhat 6.2 machines.
We also use CVSup v16.0 to synchronise all our servers.

However when we are running cvsup on the client we receive the following 
error-message...and the client-server connection dies.

TreeList failed: Error in "/usr/local/cvsup/Project.Design/checkouts": 4: 
Unknown group name "users".  Delete it and try again.

The next time we run the program everything works like a charm if we ofcourse 
delete the checkouts-file, but then CVSup needs to send everything from scratch.

However can someone explain why we receive such a message, because the group 
users is know on both the client and server?

Thanks in advance


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