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hash.c :312 Assert filed Key != NULL

From: Amit Tewari
Subject: hash.c :312 Assert filed Key != NULL
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 08:42:22 -0700 (PDT)


We are getting this error 

"hash.c :312 Assert failed Key != NULL"

When we are trying to re-add a file in right "Case"
which was removed from CVS using "cvs remove" from NT
which off course is not case sensitive.

The story is that file was initially added on the
branch and never got added to the trunck but CVS
automatically adds version 1.1 on the trunk anyway
then file was removed "using cvs remove " because it
was in the wrong "case" ( say file.txt) when we tired
to readd it using "cvs add" with the right "Case" (
say File.txt) we started getting following error 

Assertion failed: *rcsnode == NULL, 

We found out from the list that there is bug and hence
renamed the file to "file.txt.old' and then tried to
add it again but then we got 

"hash.c :312 Assert failed Key != NULL"

What we want to do is to add the file in the right
"case" ( File.txt ) 

I will greatly appreciate any help in this regard 


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