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CVSNT and multiple repositories

From: Bill Biessman
Subject: CVSNT and multiple repositories
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 14:26:43 -0400

I am in the process of setting up CVS for our company.  The primary purpose
is for program source code control but we would like to also use it for
design documents and other forms of electronic paper we have laying around.
Hopefully groups other than the software development groups would take
advantage it as well.

I have an NT (actually, win 2000) server which is running ntserver and will
hold the ,v files.  We will use WinCVS at our workstations to access the
files remotely.

I would like to have the server support multiple repositories; e.g. one for
each software project, additional ones for various forms of documentation.
The purpose would be limit the number of modules visible to a user to ones
that the user actually cares about.  If I work on sw development, I don't
care to see the harware bill of materials modules.  I especially don't want
to risk giving someone in the wrong department write access to files.

Is it possible to have multiple repositories on one server?  Do I tell a
single ntserver instance about all of them, or do I create multiple ntserver
instances with different CVSROOT values?

I do not see an obvious way of doing this in the documentation, though I
have seen some reference to changing from the default socket which I would
think would provide some ability to distinguish between ntservers.

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