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followup to tag question posted 5/11/01

From: Lance Murayama
Subject: followup to tag question posted 5/11/01
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 11:23:34 -0700

I saw the email below in the CVS archives and wanted to ask
a follow up question. I'm new to CVS and would appreciate
any help.

Would it be possible to get the information regarding the
person who created a tag through the taginfo file by
passing the information to a script for reporting?

For example I noticed in the loginfo file there is a
DEFAULT action which starts with (echo ""...). Could you
enter something like (echo "$USER"...) in the taginfo file
to capture the user who created the tag and send it to a
script along with the rest of the taginfo information? I've
tried several iterations of this but failed in all attempts.
The failures occur before executing the script so I am not
sure if it is possible to use the syntax above. I am hoping
to get a tip as in "try this..." or "give it up it's hopeless."

We're running CVS 1.10.7 under Solaris 2.7 11/99 on a Sparc

Thanx in advance.

Zanabria, Moises writes:
> Is possible to know who person created a tag??

CVS does not record that information.

-Larry Jones

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