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Trying to resurrect file, get "cannot add file .. when ... ,v already ex

From: Curt Arnold
Subject: Trying to resurrect file, get "cannot add file .. when ... ,v already exists
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 02:13:55 -0500

I have been having a nightmare trying to restore a file to a project on SourceForge.  The module in question is domunit/FILES of which you can browse at
Originally, I had transferred files between machines of different operating systems using zip utilities and got the capitalization of several files and directories messed up.  One of those files was STAFF.DTD which should have been staff.dtd.  I attempted the remove/add combo described on pg 54 of Fogel's book.  I was able to successfully remove STAFF.DTD but have been totally stumped trying to get staff.dtd into the project.
When ever I try to add "staff.dtd", I get:
cannot add file 'staff.dtd' when RCS file '/cvsroot/xmlconf/domunit/FILES/staff.dtd,v" already exists
Any suggestions?

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