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Setting group permissions

From: Sudarshan
Subject: Setting group permissions
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 11:19:50 +0530


I have a probelm with group permissions. I have created a cvs repository
/home/projects/project1 and this repository has three users by name
arun, anil, and sudhi.

and it has modules testmodule1 and testmodule2.
and all the three members are belonged to group vicvs.
If any one of them cheks out a module and make changes to some file and
if they commit it get stored in the repository in there name and group
rather than group being vicvs since other members will now be not able
to checkout the same files.

i have done chmod g+s to directoy project1 and also the group of that
directory is vicvs.

Pls let me know the solution and thanking all in advance



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