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RE: [cvsgui] null characters inserted with Linux-cvs <- rsh -> Wi nCvs

From: Dr. Rolf Ebert
Subject: RE: [cvsgui] null characters inserted with Linux-cvs <- rsh -> Wi nCvs
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 09:24:25 +0200

I had the same problem on a specific Linux machine in my previous company.
I do not think it is related to rsh or Wincvs, it is more related to Linux,
its C-library or one of the editors (textpad, kwrite, etc.) When I saw that
for the first time in the repository I was thinking about a faulty NFS
implementation on Linux, but it happened again in client server mode, too.
We were using Linux since several years without problems (SuSE 5.3 and SuSE
6.4, the server running Solaris 2.6). A single user who tested Suse 7.0 was
causing the null characters. He had his sandbox on the Solaris server,
accessing it from his Linux machine over NFS.

BTW, I had to go manually through the *,v files with a hex editor (emacs
hexl-mode) and remove the null characters. This only worked as long as these
bytes were within the main text.  Null characters as part of the ed meta
data made the file completely unusable and we had to use old backups.

My impression was, that the null bytes mostly were at offsets of multiples
of 128 bytes and even more at multiples of 512 bytes.  But that was not
always the case.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Alberto Gobbi [SMTP:address@hidden
> Sent: Saturday, May 05, 2001 12:19 AM
> To:   'address@hidden'
> Subject:      [cvsgui] null characters inserted with Linux-cvs <- rsh ->
> WinCvs
> Hi,
> i am having strange behavior doing import of new modules using:
> WinCVS 1.2
> CVS 1.11 on Linux (RedHat 6.2)
> and rsh as connection method: (":server:address@hidden:CVSRoot")
> The newly imported modules will contain null characters (ctrl-0, \x00)
> once
> in a while in the ,v files and after checkout in the source code files. I
> have checked the news list and have noticed that similar
> things happend to users who used NFS to mount ther repository, but i did
> not.
> Has anybody else had things like that?
> Is there a patch or workaround?
> Would a connection via pserver help?
> This seems like a serious problem to me.
> Any help is greatly apreciated!
> Alberto
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