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Re: cvs with xinetd

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: cvs with xinetd
Date: Sat, 5 May 2001 19:47:20 -0400 (EDT)

Peter Ajamian writes:
>      For the MD5-based algorithm, the SALT should consist of the string
>      `$1$', followed by up to 8 characters, terminated by either
>      another `$' or the end of the string.  The result of `crypt' will
>      be the SALT, followed by a `$' if the salt didn't end with one,
>      followed by 22 characters from the alphabet `./0-9A-Za-z', up to
>      34 characters total.  Every character in the KEY is significant.

If that's correct, and if MD5 passwords in /etc/passwd (or whatever
shadow file gets used) correctly start with $1$, and that's what
getpwnam() (or getspnam()) return in pw_passwd (or sp_pwdp), then
there's no reason that they wouldn't work with CVS.  CVS doesn't store
the result of crypt() in a fixed-size buffer (or anywhere else, for that
matter).  I'm having trouble reconciling this information with the
original report that MD5 passwords don't work, but DES passwords do.

-Larry Jones

It's no fun to play games with a poor sport. -- Calvin

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