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Re: cvs with xinetd

From: Peter Ajamian
Subject: Re: cvs with xinetd
Date: Sat, 05 May 2001 17:52:17 -0700

Larry Jones wrote:
> If that's correct, and if MD5 passwords in /etc/passwd (or whatever
> shadow file gets used) correctly start with $1$

I checked the shadow file on a RH7.0 installation I administer and the
passwords do indeed start with $1$.  

> , and that's what
> getpwnam() (or getspnam()) return in pw_passwd (or sp_pwdp),

I'm fairly sure they would, but I haven't explicitly checked.

> I'm having trouble reconciling this information with the
> original report that MD5 passwords don't work, but DES passwords do.

My version of libc is glibc-2.2-12.  It could be that eariler versions
don't support it and I honestly don't know how portable this behavior of
the crypt library is.  Also if someone installed the md5 library(ies) but
did not update the crypt library then they would have md5 support on
thier system but crypt would not be updated to work with it.

Regards, Peter

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