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NEWBIE question: checkout, sub-modules

From: Luna, Glen
Subject: NEWBIE question: checkout, sub-modules
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 15:28:52 -0400


I have a question that I'm sure others have asked but I can't seem to find
an answer for.

>From an existing module, I want to checkout a subset of submodules under a
different module name.

For simplicity's sake I'll call the existing module....vegetables (not true
names). The vegetables 
module had some fruits that we want to now collect and promote under a new
module named fruits.

Now, in no way are we desiring to modify the repository itself. To us, the
fruits module will be used
only as a library. In reality, the actual module and repository belongs to a
vendor.  For a long time now
we have had developed and maintained our code in the vendor's repository.
Recently, we yanked our 
code out and placed it in our own repository with the same module name. Our
intent is to be able
to checkout our vendor's code (that has the same module name) under a
different name.

I used the following version of the checkout command
   cvs -d :ext:address@hidden:/home/cvs   -d fruits
vegetables/grapes   vegetables/oranges

I had hoped that this would result in 
Instead the result is

Problem: vegetables already exists in my working directory and must remain

There's got to be a way to have checkout place a copy of grapes and oranges
under fruits without the
pesky vegetables getting in the way.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Glen Luna
Dyncorp IS LLC

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