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Log Keyword and Merge Conflict

From: Valarie Flick
Subject: Log Keyword and Merge Conflict
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 14:11:01 -0500

Cederqvist 1.10 states "... CVS is not good at handling $Log$ entries
when a branch is merged onto the main trunk. Conflicts often result from
the merging operation.".

My question is: has anyone figured out a way around this short of
removing the $Log$ keyword?

We use the $Id$ and $Log$ keywords extensively in our files. However,
when merging between branches (even using the -kk parameter) the merge
produces conflicts for files where the only difference is in the $Log$
comments. This is a nightmare for us because literally hundreds of files
in our very large code base can have these pseudo conflicts.

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