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RE: rename question -- urgent!!

From: Chen, Susie
Subject: RE: rename question -- urgent!!
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 12:07:55 -0700

It seems like there is only one thing I can do, that is: rename the file on
branch A (old.txt -> new.txt) before merging A into trunk.

Does it make any differences if the content of old.txt is NOT modified on
Branch A?

Thanks a lot

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From: David L. Martin [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2001 7:38 PM
To: Chen, Susie; address@hidden
Subject: Re: rename question -- urgent!!

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From: "Chen, Susie" <address@hidden>

> I have two branches (A and B) off the HEAD. Both branches have a file
> "old.txt". What I have done is:
> 1) On branch B, rename the file from <old.txt> to <new.txt> by
> removing,adding and then committing
> 2) merge branch B into HEAD

At this point, the trunk has old.txt removed and new.txt added.

> Next I am planning to merge branch A into HEAD. But the filename in A is
> still "old.txt" , and the file content is modified. I hope to merge the
> change into HEAD and keep the "new.txt" filename on the HEAD as well.

The branch A change to old.txt will be disregarded in the merge to the trunk
since old.txt no longer exists there.
[It won't be completely disreguarded: you'll get an error message telling
you that old.txt does not exist but is present on branch A.  -Larry Jones]

> Is CVS smart enough to deal with it?

No, CVS will not help you here.  The "smart" must come from the developer
in this case.  CVS makes no association between old.txt and new.txt; as far
as CVS is concerned, these are two unrelated files.

David Martin

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