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Help! Forcing Visual Merge... (WinCvs)

From: Marc Berenbach
Subject: Help! Forcing Visual Merge... (WinCvs)
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 16:13:49 -0400

Hi everyone,

I am new to CVS, but not versioning control... I have used PVCS and
SourceSafe in the past few years.  I am now the owner of a CVS system,
and I have a question...

Is there a way that I can force developers to review a change using
visual differencing if a file has been changed from underneath them,
even if the automatic merge thinks it can resolve the conflict?

We have had many issues in the past where developers are changing types
in a file, and of course even though you are in different sections you
end up in a real mess when things get merged automatically, and you need
a human to interpret the merge.
Basically, is there a way for CVS to detect this, and what settings
would we need to change in WinCVS to make this possible...  I am working
with revision 1.4 on my machine, the one on the server is 1.6, and I
choose to commit... I want it to stop right there and prompt me to do a
merge or proceed with the commit!
Marc Berenbach
QA/Release Engineer

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