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Ideas for handling hardcoded URLs on a CVS managed website?

From: Georgi Kostov
Subject: Ideas for handling hardcoded URLs on a CVS managed website?
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 00:16:59 +0300
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We just started developing a website and we want to use CVS to make our life easier.

There are several developers here and we want to give each one a "sandbox" (, etc) so we can take full advantage of CVS. There is also a site called to which we'll checkout a stable version of our work. The problem is that some of the static html files contain hardcoded urls (images, links, etc) peculiar to each of the development sandboxes, and always different from the correct urls for the production site. Commiting them into the repository and later checking them out will have the undesirable effect of producing wrong links on the prod. site.

Can you give me some ideas how to manage with this problem? I indended to write a script that will replace each hardcoded link with a keyword (using a dictionary) before commiting the file to the repository but I haven't thought of how to deal with updates/checkouts.

P.S. Just to be on the safe side: Most of our content is generated by cgi scripts and it doesn't have this hardcoded links problem, but there are static pages and configuration files that do.

Georgi Kostov
SunFish Ltd.

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