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One file in several modules?

From: Keith Hearn
Subject: One file in several modules?
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 15:01:23 -0700

The project for which I'm the release engineer has code broken into several
CVS modules, based on functionality. This works fine, but there is one
difficulty. Each module contains a Makefile.include file which contains
various rule & variable definitions that are used by most of the other

We want to keep each module self-contained so you can just check it out and
work on it without having to check out other modules as well. But I also
want to keep the Makefile.include files in synch. 

Currently, we have a separate copy in each module, and if I want to make a
change I have to make the change in every copy (in 25+ modules). Needless to
say, this is more work than I'd like for it to be.

Is there any way to have one file be in several modules? Or is there a
better way to handle this issue?

  Thanks for any help you can give,

    Keith Hearn

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