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Re: Xdelta and CVS

From: Maarten de Boer
Subject: Re: Xdelta and CVS
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 20:42:51 +0200

Dear Greg,

Thank you very much for your answer. It certainly sheds a whole
different light on things. I will notify the webmaster of the
mentioned page that the information provided there is misleading,
and pass your comments, if you don't mind. 

What I don't get, is why the whole structure of the repository
would change. Wouldn't it be possible to store the Xdelta output
instead of the diff output, and in the same place?

The problem with using PRCS is that it doesn't have network
support (does it?). From the PRCS webpage:

"The primary goal of version 2 is to add client/server support
A snapshot of PRCS2 was released in April 1999 named prcs2-0.18.0.
Do not try to compile this, it won't do anything"

That's 2 years ago, so development doesn't seem to be very
alive. Same goes for Xdelta (latest release Jun. 14, 2000). The
Xdelta sourceforge pages are even more discouraging. I Cc: this
mail to it's writer, Josh MacDonald, in the hope to get any 
information from him. Maybe he has just been to busy with 
writing PRCS2 to maintain the webpages :-)

Another solution might be to use some sort of text format for
our audiofiles, but I hardly see that feasible...

Kind regards,


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