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Xdelta and CVS

From: Maarten de Boer
Subject: Xdelta and CVS
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 11:16:31 +0200


We are using CVS, for several projects, with great pleasure.
We now have the need to store and track revisions of large
binary files (audio analysis data). Because we are already
familiar with CVS, and use it with clients on various
platforms, we would like to use CVS for this data as well.

Obviously, storing all revisions entirely will not be very
efficient. The data is pretty straigthforward, and the 
differences between versions could be extracted very well
with Xdelta. So Xdelta integration in CVS seems to be the

The webpage
looks very optimistic, so I was surprised to find out that
I could hardly find any other references to Xdelta and CVS,
let alone a patch or (starting) implementation. 

My questions are:
- is the forementioned webpage too optimistic?
- what do people on this list think about the three mentioned
  methods? which would be the way to go?
- is / has anybody been working on this already?
- are there other ways that might be better/easier (like
  modifying diff)
I am well aware of the fact, that CVS has not been designed
to deal with large binary files, and that some people would
consider it undesirable to add such functionality. I think
it is worth the try though. As this is an important issue
for our project, I can spend some time on this.

Kind regards, and looking forward to your reactions,

Maarten de Boer

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