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Checking out a "subset" of a CVS module

From: Martin, Charles (DCS)
Subject: Checking out a "subset" of a CVS module
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 09:18:06 -0400


We are setting up CVS to track revisions of scripts.  Nothing really 
complicated.  I understand how CVS imports modules that can be collections of 
directories and files, and that when you check out a module CVS sends a working 
copy of everything in the module.  Just the same, we were wondering if it is 
possible to check out a "subset" of the module.  For example, if a module 
contains 200 scripts, can we select just one of the scripts to checkout?  Can 
we check out just one script that may be contained in a directory that is 
several directories deep in a module?


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