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RE: Checking out a "subset" of a CVS module

From: Chuck . Irvine
Subject: RE: Checking out a "subset" of a CVS module
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 09:37:11 -0500

I've heard this question many times and wonder if it is motivated by an 
incorrect notion of the function of CVS checkout. Checkout gets a 
"snapshot" of a module and places it in a local directory. It doesn't 
reserve editing ability with regard to checked out files to just one 
person. In other SCM systems "checkout" does have this latter meaning. 
Was this your assumption, or is there another motivation for not 
wanting a complete snapshot in a local directory? Thanks


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> Subject: Checking out a "subset" of a CVS module
> Greetings.
> We are setting up CVS to track revisions of scripts.  Nothing 
> really complicated.  I understand how CVS imports modules 
> that can be collections of directories and files, and that 
> when you check out a module CVS sends a working copy of 
> everything in the module.  Just the same, we were wondering 
> if it is possible to check out a "subset" of the module.  For 
> example, if a module contains 200 scripts, can we select just 
> one of the scripts to checkout?  Can we check out just one 
> script that may be contained in a directory that is several 
> directories deep in a module?
> Thanks,
> Charles
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