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Trunk tags that act like "branch tags"?

From: Chris Sherman
Subject: Trunk tags that act like "branch tags"?
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 05:03:21 -0400
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I want to pull a particular subset of files found
on the main trunk into a newly created pen.

I could list all the files individually, but that's
a pain.  I could do it in a script, of course, but
then that script must be adjusted with every new
added or deleted file (if anyone remembers).

If the trunk acted like a branch, I could pull
the set of files I wanted based on the branch
tag name, and that would give me the latest
files on that branch.

But there is no corresponding "branch tag" for
the main trunk, as far as I can tell.  What
would be perfect is a kind of HEAD-like tag 
where I could mark only certain files.

For instance, I want to do something like this:

  Tag a subset of the files in the 'Web' repository
  as being 'CmdFiles'.

  cvs checkout -r CmdFiles -HEAD Web

  This command would then give me a pen with
  the HEAD versions (-HEAD) of these specific files,
  and no sticky tags.

Is this possible?


Chris Sherman

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