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Re: -t/-f in cvswrappers

From: DAve Goodrich
Subject: Re: -t/-f in cvswrappers
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 12:03:25 -0700

on 4/12/01 4:36 PM, Larry Jones at address@hidden wrote:

> DAve Goodrich writes:
>> Hello all. I'm running into a problem with clients that send files to the
>> repository with Mac or Win file endings.
> What clients are these?  It is the client's responsibility to convert
> text files from whatever the local line ending convention is to the
> canonical line-feed termination before sending them to the server.  If
> that isn't happening, the clients are buggy or misconfigured.
We have several people using MacCVSClient, which uses Mac line endings by
default. The developer knows that people who are creating code that must
eventually live on a Unix box(web pages) have a problem with this (me) and
he is working to remedy that.

> You
> aren't using some kind of shared file system and trying to commit files
> from a different platform than the one you're running on, are you?
Nope creating web pages on Mac/Windows and serving from Unix.

>> But I get an error that "cvs [server aborted]: -t/-f wrappers not supported
>> by this version of CVS"
> There were bugs in the -t/-f wrapper code that could cause silent loss
> of information, which is *not* something you want a revision control
> system to do under any circumstances, so they were disabled until
> someone got around to fixing them.  That was a couple of years ago.
> -Larry Jones
Thanks, not what I wanted to hear, but oh well.

Seems that would be an extremely useful function. I would like to be able to
filter many things through a file prior to committing, check for common
copyright code at the bottom of a file, check for tags ($RCSfile$) at the
beginning of each file, things I must do weekly in code review. Odd it seems
to have been forgotten so long.

Wish I knew C



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