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RE: NEWBIE -- needs help in moving directories from one repositor y to a

From: Luna, Glen
Subject: RE: NEWBIE -- needs help in moving directories from one repositor y to another
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 14:20:39 -0400


Thanks for the reply. 

Yes, I do want to capture the version history. The source repository
is on a vendor's (for simplicity I'll call it Bob) host. In one of 
Bob's root directories, there is our code (in subdirs) and there 
is the Bob's code (in a couple of other subdirs). The coupling of our 
code with the Bob's code has resulted in a product used by several 
customers. We've maintained our code, under CVS, on Bob's host for at
least five years and have a good working relationship. Bob's code is
essentially COTS to us. Bob farms out his code to other clients.

Up until last year our code development was maintained under a single 
CVS repository - Bob's. Now, our group is producing other products. 
And the code for these products are being maintained in CVS 
repositories on our own hosts. We now want to move our code from
Bob's machine and onto our own. Again, his code and ours are in the 
same root directory but in different subdirs.

That's the core of my impending task.

I don't know if the UIDs are the same. I'll have to ask the systems 
folks. I'm betting that they are not. If they aren't, what problems
could I face? What should I keep an eye on?

Glen Luna

-----Original Message-----
From: Rob Helmer [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2001 1:41 PM
To: Luna, Glen
Subject: Re: NEWBIE -- needs help in moving directories from one
repository to another


On Tue, Apr 10, 2001 at 11:35:01AM -0400, Luna, Glen wrote:
> Hello info-cvs members,
> I'm a cvs newbie and I need some help. I am filling in for our only cvs 
> expert who is out of commission for a while. I hope he gets well soon
> and God's speed on his recovery.
> I'm trying to get up to speed on cvs. I've roamed all around
> trying to assimilate as much as I could.
> I have been tasked to move the contents of a root directory from one
> host machine to another. From host_1, I need to move all subdirs but
> sub_1 and sub_2. Both hosts are Unix machines. We use ssh.
> To accomplish this task, I believe I need to do the following:
> 1. Create a rootdir_F (and its subdirs) under my home directory 
> 2. Then use the import command to create the cvs root for rootdir_F
>   --  I need to log-in as the cvs admin
>   --  cd into the rootdir_F I created
>   --  cvs import rootdir_F  some_tag   some_tag
> 3. rootdir_F is now a virgin root of host_2's CVS repository
> 4. ftp the contents of host_1:/home/cvs/rootdir_C/sub_3,...,sub_9 
>    to host_2:/data/cvs/rootdir_F/sub_3,.....sub_9
> 5. Blow away the rootdir_F I created under my home directory
> 6. Set my CVSROOT environment variable to /data/cvs
> 7. Under my home directory, do
>    cvs checkout rootdir_F

Hmm.. so you just want to move the files, and lose all version
history? I would just tar up the original root and extract it on
the target machine, then remove the extraneous subdirectories from
the target machine.

This would also preserve permissions and UIDs, and should be
smooth assuming that the UIDs on both servers match.

My apologies if I am misunderstanding something :)
Please describe further what it is you want to do.

> It seems simple enough - a little too simple. I've got to be 
> missing something.
> But what about the admin files and the revision history? 
> host_1 is a third-party vendor. Their code (which is c.o.t.s to us) 
> is in sub_1 & sub_2. The other subdirs hold our code which we now 
> want to house on our own machine. I'll have to check but I
> don't know what permissions host_1:/home/cvs/CVSROOT has.
> I know our team will have to re-wire the Makefiles and other
> support scripts.
> In regards to a smooth cvs transition, am I missing anything?
> Are there cvs-specific questions I should be asking?
> Does someone have a checklist that they used on a similar task?
> Any help/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. In
> the meantime I'll go back to and do some more
> studying.
> Glen Luna
> Dyncorp IS LLC
> (703) 818-4385

Rob Helmer

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