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automatic deployment

From: Kerstin Rapp
Subject: automatic deployment
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 10:29:56 -0700

> Does WinCVS or CVSNT has a feature with what I can automatically deploy my
> modified pages directly from the repository to an ftp / web site?
> We deploy a lot of development documents / schedules to our intranet.
> they have to be in the repository and all different kind of developers are
> working on it, we have the current repository configured to automatically
> upload the pages after modification. This way no one has to worry that the
> pages might go to the wrong spot and links might be broken.
> Does CVS support that, too? Or would I have to write a script what would
> handle this?

I found some examples in the manuals but the examples are for unix or linux
servers. How would I do it for win2000 - can't find anything for windows?
don't know of any command line options for running programs in the
background (or is there a way around?).

Thanks for your help.

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