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NEWBIE -- needs help in moving directories from one repository to anoth

From: Luna, Glen
Subject: NEWBIE -- needs help in moving directories from one repository to another
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 11:35:01 -0400

Hello info-cvs members,

I'm a cvs newbie and I need some help. I am filling in for our only cvs 
expert who is out of commission for a while. I hope he gets well soon
and God's speed on his recovery.

I'm trying to get up to speed on cvs. I've roamed all around
trying to assimilate as much as I could.

I have been tasked to move the contents of a root directory from one
host machine to another. From host_1, I need to move all subdirs but
sub_1 and sub_2. Both hosts are Unix machines. We use ssh.

                    host_1                               host_2
                        |                                        |
         Repos A (/home/cvs )            Repos B (/data/cvs )
                        |                                        |
                  rootdir_C                            rootdir_F
 _____________|___________           ______|_____
 |             |           |                |           |
sub_1  sub_2  sub_3 .... sub_9       sub_3   ....   sub_9

To accomplish this task, I believe I need to do the following:

1. Create a rootdir_F (and its subdirs) under my home directory 
2. Then use the import command to create the cvs root for rootdir_F
  --  I need to log-in as the cvs admin
  --  cd into the rootdir_F I created
  --  cvs import rootdir_F  some_tag   some_tag
3. rootdir_F is now a virgin root of host_2's CVS repository
4. ftp the contents of host_1:/home/cvs/rootdir_C/sub_3,...,sub_9 
   to host_2:/data/cvs/rootdir_F/sub_3,.....sub_9
5. Blow away the rootdir_F I created under my home directory
6. Set my CVSROOT environment variable to /data/cvs
7. Under my home directory, do
   cvs checkout rootdir_F

It seems simple enough - a little too simple. I've got to be 
missing something.

But what about the admin files and the revision history? 
host_1 is a third-party vendor. Their code (which is c.o.t.s to us) 
is in sub_1 & sub_2. The other subdirs hold our code which we now 
want to house on our own machine. I'll have to check but I
don't know what permissions host_1:/home/cvs/CVSROOT has.

I know our team will have to re-wire the Makefiles and other
support scripts.

In regards to a smooth cvs transition, am I missing anything?
Are there cvs-specific questions I should be asking?
Does someone have a checklist that they used on a similar task?

Any help/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. In
the meantime I'll go back to and do some more

Glen Luna
Dyncorp IS LLC
(703) 818-4385

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