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configuring mail-addresses

From: Dirk Naujoks
Subject: configuring mail-addresses
Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 08:59:00 +0200


I've got the following situation:

There's a cvs-server running on a linux-machine maybe called linuxserv.

I'm getting acces to the cvs-server using pserver-method. (The client is a 
WinNT machine and I use WinCVS.)

I'm sending loginfo mails on each commit. These mails get the sender 
mail-address "address@hidden".

Is it possible to send these mails with the sender "address@hidden"?

Where useronlinuxmachine and userinntdomain are the same user but different 

For example:
The user "naujoks" in the nt-domain is user "dirk" on the linuxserver the 
Message is sent with the sender "address@hidden" but should be sent with 

> Mit freundlichen Grüßen
> i.A. Dirk Naujoks
> -----------------------------
> Franke & Siller Software GmbH
> e-Mail: address@hidden
> Tel.: 0211 9 24 95 120
> -----------------------------

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